The Taradale Cemetery Trust

Land for the Taradale Cemetery was set aside for this purpose by June of 1858 when the first Trustees of the Cemetery were appointed. The rules for interment were published in the following September and the area has been continuously used and maintained as a cemetery since that time.

Prior to the establishment of the Cemetery it is thought that burials took place near the old Calder Highway closer to the township, from where the bodies have since been moved to the new site. A separate area for Chinese burials is believed to have been located towards the top of the hill west of town.

The cemetery is divided into denominational sections as well as a memorial path for cremated remains. Headstones in the cemetery can be dated back to 1858 although many graves remain unmarked and the locations of some interments is unknown.

Several attractive mature European trees are located near the centre of the grounds and a stand of eucalypts and isolated mature natives are scattered throughout the allotment. A spectacular display of box ironbark woodland wildflowers carpets the ground each year following the mid spring rains and an ongoing program of plantings, including a central avenue of deciduous trees is intended to further enhance the amenity of the grounds.

Enquiries from the public about utilising our beautiful Cemetery are very welcome. Single and double sites are available for purchase and visitors are able to access a bin and water for the maintenance of graves. For those who prefer the memorial path, a niche can be purchased outright or reserved for future use.

Visitors are invited to contact Taradale Cemetery Trust members Jan Boyle on 0429 175298 or Chris Lambie on 0429 133558 for further information about visiting or using the Cemetery.