Hall Committee

The Taradale Hall Committee

The Taradale Hall is the Taradale neighborhood safer place

For more information about Neighborhood safer places please contact the CFA. For local and general fire advice please contact the Taradale CFA.

Hall Availability
The Taradale Hall Committee is believed to have been formed in 1926 following the threatened demolition of the hall when it was severely damaged by a suspicious fire originating in and destroying the adjacent Golden Age Hotel. In the 1950’s the committee split into the ladies committee of the Taradale progress association and the present incarnation of the Taradale Hall Committee which continues to manage bookings, usage and maintenance of the building in conjunction with the Mount Alexander Shire Council.The annual Taradale Ball, community concerts, the Taradale Mineral Springs Festival, art exhibitions, town meetings, dance and exercise classes, concerts, private functions and diverse other events are regularly held at the hall which is available for hire by arrangement with the Taradale Hall Committee. Facilities include a well equipped kitchen (expected to be upgraded in 2014), toilets, wheelchair access, polished wooden flooring, stage and storage area. The stage is raked with a trapdoor and the backdrop is believed to be an original painted cloth.

The Taradale Hall was built by the Taradale Oddfellows Hall Company whose shareholders may have been comprised of the Taradale branch of the Oddfellows. The company was formed in 1864 and the building was completed in 1865. In 1866 the Oddfellows sold the building to Edmund Gifford who retained the hall until his death in 1898.

During his tenure, Gifford let the hall out for concerts, banquets, dances and even as a skating rink which A F Spiller was operating in 1866. Although generally styled as the Taradale Town Hall it was still being referred to as the Oddfellows hall as late as 1918. In 1906 a group of locals purchased the hall which they later sold to residents who had raised funds and purchased shares to acquire the building for the town. In 1966 when the bathroom facilities were installed, ownership of the hall passed to the Shire council. The present kitchen was added in 1976, a 1951 supper room having been demolished some years earlier.

In 2012/13 extensive work was undertaken to arrest termite damage below the building and repair and restoration works to the building are ongoing.

Enquiries regarding the use of the hall are very welcome and should be directed to Taradale Hall Committee member Team Henderson on 54232574 or at pchender@bigpond.com