Bring Back the Trains

For several years various people have been lobbying the Government and Council to improve public transport facilities to Taradale.

The Taradale Railway Station was built in 1862-63 as part of the major rail line construction from Melbourne to the Murray which was completed in 1862. Following the decline of mining and reduction in the local population in the early twentieth century rail facilities for the town were reduced. By 1966 the position of Station Master at Taradale had become part of the responsibility of the staff at Malmsbury and in 1976 the Taradale Railway Station closed altogether. Since that time residents have travelled to Malmsbury, Kyneton and Castlemaine to access rail services.

When the Regional Fast Rail project was being undertaken in 2005-2006, the Victorian Government decided not to re-open the Taradale Station as part of the upgrade of services. Since that time a petition has been tabled in Parliament and residents have continued to advocate for a study to be undertaken to determine the cost of returning a railway station to Taradale.

You can help make this happen by contacting V/line on 1800 800 007 to ask for the Taradale Railway Station to be re-opened. You can also write to the State member for parliament representing Taradale.

The Taradale ‘Bring back the trains group‘, would love to hear from any residents wanting to help advocate for the return of train services to Taradale. Please contact Geoff on 0413 625292.