Mineral Springs Reserve Committee

The Taradale Mineral Springs Reserve area was marked as a town square in 1855, was officially reserved as a 6 acre park on the 20th March 1874 and permanently reserved as a little over 14 acres of public park & recreation on the 31st August 1888. On the 18th September 1888 the Victorian Board of Land and Works appointed a committee of Management for the combined areas of Barkly Park and the Taradale Mineral Springs Reserve.

The regulations governing the administration of the Taradale parks were revoked in 1893 and the entire management committee resigned. Authority for the management of the parks appears to have been transferred to the local council who formed a council committee to oversee these recreation areas which were considered to one large recreation area. In 1929 however a new committee was formed who were responsible only for the management of the Taradale Springs Reserve. Barkly Park and the Recreation Reserve were then managed by a committee on behalf of the government department and the local council respectively.

The present Mineral Springs Reserve Committee works with the Mount Alexander Shire Council to keep the park in excellent order, they work with local groups to manage events held in the reserve and undertake continue to develop the amenity of the space through additional tree plantings, tree health management and the provision of play equipment, bbq and toilet facilities and sheltered and scattered seating.

The Taradale Mineral Springs Park is a pivotal location for local events hosting both the Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services (as the Taradale war memorial is located in the grounds), the Taradale Mineral Springs Festival and the annual Christmas Carols. The grounds are a popular relaxation spot for visitors and for gatherings, parties and reunions.

Any enquiries regarding the use of the park or comments, questions or suggestions about park facilities should be directed to Mineral Springs Committee secretary Mike Pettigrew on 54232282.